Land­pack will be part of the Euro­pean Clean­tech Pro­gram­me, Cli­ma­te-KIC, for the best Euro­pean Cli­ma­te Start-Up, thanks to the Euro­pean Insti­tu­te of Inno­va­ti­on and Tech­no­lo­gy and the TU Munich. Cli­ma­te-KIC is the big­gest Start-Up deve­lo­p­ment pro­gram for cli­ma­te inno­va­tions in Euro­pe. We are exci­ted for the next months!

About Cli­ma­te-KIC

Cli­ma­te-KIC ope­ra­tes eco­no­my and tech­no­lo­gy funding’s for cli­ma­te inno­va­tions. The initia­ti­ve has been foun­ded in 2010 and sin­ce it’s an inter­na­tio­nal net­work with offices in 15 Euro­pean coun­tries they fund inno­va­ti­on pro­jects, Start-Ups and up-and-com­ing inno­va­tors all over Euro­pe. As part of Cli­ma­te-KIC, around 100 asso­cia­tes from eco­no­my, sci­ence, the public sec­tor and civil socie­ty are working on pionee­ring and scala­b­le inno­va­tions to fight cli­ma­te chan­ge. Kli­ma­te-CIK Ger­ma­ny are based on the EUREF-Cam­pus in Ber­lin Schö­ne­berg and are coor­di­na­ting all Ger­man acti­vi­ty from there.