How do you get the specific data for data reporting?

For data repor­ting to the dual sys­tem, you will find here a cal­cu­la­tor for cal­cu­la­ting the mate­ri­al frac­tions of our pack­a­ging. Sim­ply enter the num­ber of boxes per size pla­ced on the mar­ket, or the num­bers esti­ma­ted in advan­ce. Alrea­dy at the time of regis­tra­ti­on with the cen­tral office, you must spe­ci­fy a plan­ned quan­ti­ty. The tool also hel­ps you to cal­cu­la­te the indi­vi­du­al mate­ri­al fractions.

* The access is password protected. If you do not have the password yet, you can request it using the form below.

The use of the com­pu­ter is reser­ved for our cus­to­mers. Are you a Land­pack® cus­to­mer? Request your pass­word for the mate­ri­al quan­ti­ty cal­cu­la­tor now:

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Have you alrea­dy orde­red from Land­pack®? In our cus­to­mer portal

you can down­load your indi­vi­du­al con­su­med mate­ri­al fractions.

Your access is your cus­to­mer num­ber with the pass­word sent to you.

What data must be reported?

  • You must report the total annu­al quan­ti­ty of packaging.

  • The noti­fi­ca­ti­on is made to the dual sys­tem and to the cen­tral office.

  • Depen­ding on the sys­tem part­ner, you must always report the annu­al quan­ti­ty in the midd­le of the year.

  • The remai­ning quan­ti­ty must be spe­ci­fied as pre­cise­ly as pos­si­ble. (plan­ned quantities)

How often must the data be reported?

  • How often you have to report your data to the dual sys­tem and the cen­tral office is deter­mi­ned by the amount of the annu­al data report. The limits are set by the dual sys­tem you choose.

    • Annu­al noti­fi­ca­ti­on: up to approx. 12.000€
    • Quar­ter­ly report: until approx. 50.000€
    • Mon­th­ly mes­sa­ge: from approx. 50.000€

What is the composition of our products?

  • Land­box® Bio: Natu­ral mate­ri­al, cardboard

  • Land­box® Hemp: Natu­ral mate­ri­al, cardboard

  • Hemp bag: Natu­ral mate­ri­al, cardboard

  • Land­box® Duo: Natu­ral mate­ri­al, plastic, cardboard

  • Coo­ling ele­ments: Plastics

  • Dry Ice Booster®: Card­board