Environmentally friendly insulated bags for dry ice

  • Save up to 50 % of the amount of dry ice for the same coo­ling time — cost-saving

  • Opti­mi­zes cold release due to con­stant­ly lar­ge sur­face area and redu­ced heat flow

  • No risk of burns on dry ice for your customers

  • Dama­ge to the outer car­ton due to con­den­sa­ti­on is prevented

  • Envi­ron­ment­al­ly friend­ly – dis­po­sable as paper waste

  • Exclu­si­ve­ly at Landpack

Dry ice is light, non-toxic, cools down to ‑80°C and liter­al­ly dis­sol­ves in air. Ide­al for ship­ping your fro­zen pro­ducts. Howe­ver, it takes up a lot of space in the packa­ge and is expen­si­ve. Landpack’s engi­neers have reco­gnis­ed this pro­blem and inven­ted an effec­ti­ve solution:

The Land­pack Dry Ice Boos­ter® hel­ps you to make your use of dry ice more effi­ci­ent: Same per­for­mance, up to 50% less dry ice.

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