We have ope­ned a new office in the midd­le of Munich, Haid­hau­sen. We are now also avail­ab­le here:

Land­pack GmbH
Metz­stra­ße 12
81667 München

After 1.5 years of pan­de­mic, many of our employees in admi­nis­tra­ti­on are no lon­ger in the mood for a home office and long for a work­place among col­leagues again. For our employees who live cen­tral­ly in Munich, we have now crea­ted a new and quick­ly acces­si­ble place to work in the midst of the urban hust­le and bustle.

We look for­ward to fil­ling this with life and brin­ging acti­vi­ty back to the city.