This year, we set our sights on a very spe­cial team effort that was a refres­hing con­trast to the eter­nal home office grind.

Tog­e­ther, we got down to work, swin­ging sho­vels and spa­des to take the first step toward crea­ting a valu­able new habi­tat. From an unused com­pen­sa­ti­on area of 2,000 m², we have crea­ted a spe­ci­es-rich bio­to­pe by hand.

Our self-made dead­wood cor­ner made of old tree trunks, bran­ches and folia­ge, is deve­lo­ping into a habi­tat and pro­vi­ding shel­ter and living space for insects. We will con­ti­nue to report how our heart pro­ject is developing.

Others talk about bio­di­ver­si­ty – we just get on with it.