Landbox® – Ecology and performance combined

  • Excellent insulation & shock absorption
  • Easy disposal in the organic waste / the garden or in the residual waste
  • Hygienic, strictly controlled
  • Moisture-regulating
  • Space-saving delivery & storage
  • Many standard sizes & variants
  • Personalization in terms of size and design
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Our insulated packaging made of pure straw is not only a real eye-catcher, it has insulation performance which was previously only achievable with Styrofoam which will convince you as well. It keeps the temperature inside below 4°C for up to 65 hours – even with summer temperatures outside.

We use straw fibers in pure form and process them extremely energy-saving, climate-neutral and without further additives per methods from the food industry. Your customers will probably get the purest straw in the world – for disposal, as well as, in the organic waste or in the garden..

The Landbox® has a moisture-regulating and shock-absorbing effect. The straw comes from regional farmers. We monitor every process step from the set-up to the harvest.

The Landbox was awarded by the Bavarian Ministry of Agriculture as an “outstanding product based on renewable resources” in July 2016 (press release). An international patent application was filed for the product and procedure.

Landbox® Bio

  • Starch-based cover
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Completely disposalable as organic waste
  • Once the cover is removed, the straw can be used in the garden

Landbox® Duo

  • Cover made out of a wafer-thin conventional plastic wrapping
  • Washable, which allows for multiple uses
  • Complete disposal as residual waste
  • Disposal of the wrapping as residual waste and then use the straw in the garden or dispose of it as organic waste.


  • Straw is a by-product of cereal harvesting. It is currently scarcely used and it is not in competition with food production. Straw is an excellent insulating material with a similar low thermal conductivity as Styrofoam. For more than 100 years, it has been used for building insulation.
  • As an insulated packaging, straw has the advantage that it is moisture-regulating.
  • Due to the good restoring force of straw, shock and pressure sensitive goods can also be safely protected when they are shipp
The use of additives such as preservatives or adhesives is completely dispensed with when producing the Landbox. The consumer receives a pure natural product, which can be disposed of without problems – it can even be used in a domestic environment or in the garden, as a bedding for animals or in another function. The panels can be easily loosened for this purpose.
  • The cooling capacity is dependent on the outside temperature, the number of cooling elements, the temperature of the goods, the internal volume and the type of packaging arrangement (you should particularly avoid cavities).
  • The Landbox reaches a temperature range of -1°C to 4°C for up to 65 hours.
The high insulating effect of the Landbox is due to the physical mechanisms of heat transport, namely heat conduction, convection and heat radiation, are effectively minimized. Thus, a thermal conductivity value similar to that of styrofoam is generated.
We offer three different versions of the Landbox:

  • Landbox Duo for the separate disposal of straw core and casing or both in the residual waste.
  • Landbox Bio for disposal in the organic waste.
  • Landbox Bio + for disposal in the garden or in the organic waste.


  • The Landbox is produced with minimal energy expenditure, using exclusively green electricity from hydropower. All components are biodegradable. The raw material straw is locally sourced from farmers.
  • Since the Landbox is made up of single panels, it is important to close it well and to exactly arrange the panels in the correct position. The panels are made with small oversize so that they are applied with a little pressure.
  • In general, the cooled space should be kept as small as possible. Empty inner volume must be filled with filler material.
The straw is grown particularly for us per special requirements, in order to be able to control every process step completely. Before processing it is microbiologically examined and used only in perfect condition. The processing ensures that the boxes are hygienically clean. This is being examined continuously by independent institutes.
Dry ice works perfectly in combination with the Landbox.x.
  • We recommend food-safe filling paper or air cushions.
  • Filling material based on starch is unsuitable as it easily glues when it meets moisture.