Landbox® Hemp – Flexible hemp fleece for small boxes

  • Completely compostable cooling package, 100% natural product
  • Flexible for many different order types
  • Shock absorption & insulation
  • Moisture-regulating
  • Space-saving delivery & storage
  • Great style, unique look
  • Individually printed


  • No chemicals or artificial fertilizers are used during cultivation. The hemp is naturally processed and needled. Moreover, no flame retardants, adhesives or preservatives are used in the production process. The nonwovens can be easily disposed of into the organic waste.
  • The high insulating effect of the Landbox® Hemp is due to all the physical mechanisms of heat transport, namely heat conduction, convection and heat radiation, which are effectively minimized. Thus, a thermal conductivity value like that of Styrofoam is generated.
  • The cooling capacity is dependent on the outside temperature, the number of cooling elements, the temperature of the goods, the internal volume and the type of packaging arrangement (you should particularly avoid cavities).
  • At an external temperature of 30°C, for example, the Landbox® Hemp can keep a temperature of 0-8°C for up to 35 hours.
  • The Landbox® Hemp is designed as a disposable product. Reusable boxes must be cleaned after each use. This is only possible with plastic packaging.
  • The hemp fleece offers a very good outer padding. Due to the high flexibility, the interspaces can be padded when sending several bottles, so that bottle-to-bottle contact is prevented. Thus, no additional filling material is needed.
  • Hemp gives so much shade that weeds have no chance nearby. The effect: Soil fertilizer and plant protection chemicals are completely unnecessary.
  • By the way, hemp also improves the soil fertility.
  • In addition, up to 97% of the hemp plant can be recycled. Fibers, straw and seeds also provide a valuable raw material to produce clothing, food and medicines.
  • That is why hemp has an excellent ecological balance.

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