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Food, Life Science
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Sustainable thermal packaging for shipping. Food and GDP-compliant. More safety and sustainability in your cold chain!

For companies in the food, BARF, pharmaceutical and life science industries, we offer our compostable thermal packaging made from pure straw or hemp fibres as a truly sustainable alternative to Styrofoam boxes.
Every day chilled and frozen foods, medicines, reagents, enzymes, inoculants and products sensitive to shock circulate in thousands of Landboxes – safely and sustainably.


The Landbox is tried and tested in the standard postal dispatch of meat, fish, delicacies, ready-made meals, juices and foodstuffs in glass.

Pharma & Life Science

Whether drugs, biological reagents, or test kits – our GDP-compliant and pre-qualified thermal packaging ensures compliance with the cold chain requirements.

Barf / Petfood

BARF and our natural packaging are a perfect match! If only because dogs and cats love our packaging to cuddle.

Frozen food shipping

Our thermal packaging can be ideally combined with dry ice for shipping frozen goods.