Validated Cold Chain

The GDP-compliant Landbox is the ideal passive insulated packaging for temperature-sensitive food, medicines, and valuable life science products. It meets the highest standards.

We know exactly what we are talking about. Landpack stands for gorgeous packaging. Our team of experts ensures that these not only look great but are also cutting-edge technology In our test laboratory we work with the most modern measuring equipment. In our climate laboratory temperature tests are carried out on a daily basis at the customer's premises, individual requirements are
pre-qualified and packaging is compared to international standards.
Don’t need an individual qualification of your packaging in the climate chamber? Then we will use our specially developed simulation software and you will receive a detailed, customised coolant recommendation.

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AFNOR certified testing and individual profile testing

We use a combination of our proprietary themal modeling software and tests in our climate chambers to validate packouts for our cstomers. We can test against any number of standard or custom thermal profiles, recommend testing profiles for your specific needs and develop custom profiles based on the exact packaging specifications you may need.

custom thermal profile development

Simulation of any complex cold chain

We have developed a proprietary cold chain simulation software to predict the amount of cool packs you will need in dependance on your individual shipment, your products, the size of your packaging, the whether and the duration of your shipment. Once we have defined a suitable pack-out we double check it in the environmental chambers.

seasonal pack out design

Seasonal pack-out design

In order to optimize your amount of packaging and coolants, we offer to compile a report for with seasonal pack-outs which is validated by climate chamber tests.

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Coolant optimization analysis

Don’t underestimate the importance of the kind of coolant you use. Not every cool pad on the market is appropriate as coolant for cold chain shipment. The perfect coolant is very flat with a large surface. Depending on your thermal requirements, you might use PCM coolants designed for your specific needs by a variation of additives.

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Individual packaging development

Our R&D laboratory is there for you to adapt our packaging to your needs. You need 7 cm wall thickness for your very long shipments? No problem. You need a packaging made from 100 % paper? No problem. Just let us know your requirements. We have the machinery, the equipment and the team to develop the best packaging for you.

qualifizierung nach gpd

Pre-qualification according to GDP

The EU Good Distribution Practice (GDP) Directive regulates strict compliance with the cold chain for pharmaceutical products. Landpack insulated packaging is pre-qualified according to GDP for cool, frozen and ambient shipping.

Team of experts

Expert team of engineers, chemists, agronomists and molecular microbiologists.

Most modern equipment

Test laboratory with comprehensive measuring equipment. Working laboratory for individual packaging development with climate chambers.

Own mechanical engineering

In-house development, design and software development. Plant technology designed to meet the high requirements for foodstuffs.

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Packaging tests

Feel free and send your goods and current packaging solutions for individual testing and measuring. We will advise you on cooling performance, ecology, and design.

Individual packaging development and qualification

Your requirements differ from the standards? We would be happy to develop an individual packaging for you in our test laboratory. The subsequent validation of the packaging is carried out according to strict GDP standards. For the correct and reproducible performance of your cold chain tests, we rely on our many years of know-how as well as our high-class equipment. The procedure is usually as follows:


Definition of the products. Selection of packaging. Selection of temperature profile (e.g. international standard profile AFNOR or individual temperature profiles). Determination of the running time. Determination of quantity of ice packs / dry ice.


Pre-condition the coolant for at least 48 hours. Possibly pre-condition the packaging and the products. Attachment of the sensors. We measure at three different measuring points with high-quality measuring technology.

Execution & evaluation

Temperature profile run in certified climate chambers. Complex cold chain simulations from -30 °C to 200 °C possible. Data preparation in test protocol with qualification certificate and packing recommendation.

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