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Safe cold chain for
Life Science

Sustainable insulated packaging for drugs, biological reagents, enzymes, or test kits. GDP-compliant. Proven.

More than half of the medicines that are currently developed require a safe cold chain. Our passive and pre-qualified insulated packaging is made for shipping valuable temperature sensitive medicines and life science products safely and in compliance with the EU Good Distribution Practice (GDP) directive.
Your safe cold chain is our top priority. We are happy to provide individual pre-qualification of our insulated packaging to meet your specific requirements. Numerous industry leaders rely on our safe and sustainable refrigerated packaging made of straw and hemp.
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e.g. drugs, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, active ingredients


Biotech Reagents

e.g. enzymes, antibodies, assay kits, cells, and mediums



e.g enzymes, beneficial insects, plant protection products


Food supplement

e.g. enzymes, probiotics, functional nutrition


Biological samples

e.g. blood samples, tissue samples, soil samples



e.g, drugs, medical devices, diagnostic accessories

Patentierte Produktion
Comprehensively tested

Our insulating packaging has been tested in over 1,000 internal and external climate tests. Please ask for proofs and temperature curves.

Best insulation performance

Straw and hemp have an outstandingly low thermal conductivity value of 0.041 W/(mK), very similar to that of Styrofoam. In addition, our packing method and material thickness prevent the formation of cold bridges.

Real sustainability

Landpack as a shining example of bioeconomy, holds 11 international patents on the technology for processing natural fibres. Founder Patricia Eschenlohr is also a member of the Bavarian Bio-Economy Expert Council.

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Packaging tests

Feel free to send us your goods and current packaging solutions for individual tests and measurements. We will advise you on cooling performance, ecology and design.

GDP-compliant nature packaging for Pharma and Life Science Industry – natural, reliable, cooled

No matter if medications, biologic substances or test kits – pharma and life science products are temperature sensitive and must undergo strict GDP regulations. Thea Hintermeier, biotechnologist and Landpack Head of Operations & Sales, explains how highly sensitive medical products can be cooled correctly and be shipped safely – and that in a sustainable way!

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Success Stories
New England Biolabs – A life science company leads the way

Environmental protection and sustainability have always been part of the DNA of New England Biolabs, a leading manufacturer of enzyme reagents for life science research. In 2019, NEB became one of the first in its industry to choose to replace Styrofoam with a sustainable alternative. To ship its high-value and temperature-sensitive products, NEB needs high-performance insulated packaging that reliably maintains temperature in the range of 2–8 °C for up to 2 days and meets GDP quality standards.

‘New England Biolabs and our customers are very pleased to have found in Landbox Hemp a flexible and sustainable insulated box that is perfect for our valuable and perishable research reagents.’ Roland Fischer, Head of Logistics at NEB

NEB’s products are usually sent to research laboratories. Although NEB’s customers were previously only familiar with Styrofoam as insulating packaging from all manufacturers, the new packaging made of straw and hemp was extremely well received.

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2-8 °C

1-2 D