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A Shining Example
of the Bioeconomy

An ecological vision, a strong team and innovative technology - that's what we stand for at Landpack.

As an innovative cleantech start-up, we set new standards for sustainable packaging. We develop, build, and operate plants for producing eco-friendly and compostable packaging based on renewable residual resources.
For companies in the food industry as well as in the life sciences and biotechnology sectors, we offer a sustainable and superior alternative to Styrofoam packaging.

From raw material to processing, with 100 % renewable energies and a return into the natural cycle.


Strengthening local agriculture. Enables profitable cereal cultivation for small full-time farms.


We grow organically and follow a robust and balanced financing strategy.

Who we are

Patricia and Thomas – Our story

Patricia: ‘I am a career changer. When I started working in the e-food sector, it quickly became clear to me that a sustainable solution for the cold chain was needed – Every child knows that straw is a good insulating material. And so the idea for Landpack was born.’

Thomas: ‘As a mechanical engineer, I am fascinated with plant automation, the construction of factories and people interacting, technology and processes. That’s why as a young lad on my parents’ farm I was seen soldering in the engineering cellar more often than in the cowshed. Nevertheless, I gained the feeling for agricultural issues, the expertise in plant cultivation and agricultural technology.’

Image: © Kraehahn / National Geographic

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  1. PTE



    In search of a sustainable alternative to Styrofoam. We start experimenting with different materials and found the Landpack GmbH.

  2. stroh 2


    Straw: An ingenious raw material

    Straw proves to be the best material. A patent is filed for the Landbox Straw.

  3. Landpack Stroh Bio Duo Feld


    Then we do it ourselves

    No plant manufacturer can process pure straw into moulded parts. We start developing our own factory.

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    Start of series production

    Landbox Straw is here! With a supplementary product line made of hemp, we can meet the high demand for compostable insulating packaging.

  5. LifeScience


    Food, Pharma, Life Science

    Our Landboxes are now prequalified for shipping pharma and life science products.

  6. Strohfabrik


    Straw Technology 2.0

    We open our second production site with further advanced technology.

  7. LandpackHeart


    It's official!

    Our pioneering work in processing pure straw fibres has been rewarded with several international patents.


What others say about us

‘The story of the start-up Landpack is about courage, tenacity, and innovative spirit – and the belief that the world has been waiting for your idea. It looks like this belief is slowly becoming a certainty.’

WirtschaftsWoche, 2016

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