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< Jul 18, 2022, by Maleen Scheible
For a natural circular economy – our new corporate identity
< Jul 17, 2022, by Maleen Scheible
Refrigerated shipping via post? This is how safe and sustainable food shipment works
< Jul 15, 2022, by Miriam Graf
BIOFACH 2022: We’re in!
< Jul 10, 2022, by Maleen Scheible
Shipping frozen goods safely with dry ice
< Jul 02, 2022, by Miriam Graf
Landpack pinpoints current bioeconomy topics in Brussels
< Jun 22, 2022, by Miriam Graf
VentureCon Bioeconomy: Patricia Eschenlohr speaks at the first conference exclusively for bioeconomy start-ups
< May 15, 2022, by Maleen Scheible
Podcast with Landpack: How winners think
< Apr 25, 2022, by Miriam Graf
Two years of cooperation with ratioform for a grandchild-friendly future
< Mar 22, 2022, by Miriam Graf
Straw or hay?
< Mar 08, 2022, by Miriam Graf
Landpack founder re-elected spokesperson of the Bavarian Bioeconomy Expert Council



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