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The German
Packaging Act

Ecological packaging preferred by law. Natural material virtually exempt from disposal costs.

The German Packaging Act (VerpackG) came into force in 2019, in order to pave the way to a circular economy, avoid plastic packaging and promote the recycling rate. Companies circulating packaging filled with goods must pay for the disposal of the packaging via the Dual System (Duales System) in Germany.
The licence fees to be paid are strongly oriented towards ecological aspects. While natural material is virtually exempt from disposal costs, the costs of other material fractions are continuously increasing. Licensing of the packaging is essential in Germany.
Group 74

With straw and hemp insulation you save 73 % compared to plastic insulation such as Styrofoam, and 61 % compared to pure paper insulation.

Our compostable insulation is virtually completely free of disposal costs.

Licensing according to the Packaging Act

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Checklist Packaging Act

You are still unsure what the Packaging Act means for you? Our checklist contains all the steps you need to take into account. The list is available for you to download as a PDF.

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Partner of the 'Duales System'

Through our cooperation partner Landbell, you benefit from the favourable conditions of our framework agreement. If you register with Landbell's Easy Shop, as a Landpack customer you will automatically receive the lowest price, regardless of the quantity.

Your consumption data

You must declare your annual planned quantities to both the 'Zentrale Stelle' and the 'Duales System'. At the 'Zentrale Stelle' an estimated value is already required when registering. We provide you with the data you need.


What are Landpack products made of?

Landbox Bio: natural material, cardboard

Landbox Hemp: natural material, cardboard

Hemp Bag: natural material, cardboard

Landbox Duo: natural material, plastic, cardboard

Cooling elements: plastic

Dry ice booster: cardboard

Are cold packs and dry ice boosters also subject to the system participation obligation?

Yes. cooling elements and dry ice boosters are part of the shipping packaging and therefore subject to system participation requirements.

I would like to use the Landbox multiple times. What applies to reusable packaging?

According to § 12 No. 1 of the Packaging Act (VerpackG), reusable packaging is exempt from the system participation obligation. Nonetheless, evidence of the reuse and recycling of reusable packaging must be provided pursuant to § 15 (3) VerpackG. Since 1 July 2022, there is also an obligation to register the packaging with the Central Office.

What data do I have to report under the Dual System (i.e. disposal of packaging via blue or yellow bins) and to the Central Packaging Register Office?

You must report the total annual quantity of packaging. The Dual System report is sent to the Central Office. Depending on the system partner, you must always report the annual quantity in the middle of the year. The remaining quantity must be reported as precisely as possible (planned quantities).

How do I know my spent material fractions?

Upon request, we will send you a report from us on the material fractions purchased in a given period. You do not have to start calculating the split yourself. Just get in touch with us!

What packaging is system-relevant and which packaging is not?

Packaging subject to system participation ‘typically accumulates at the private end user‘ (cf. 3 § (8) VerpackG).

Sales packaging and secondary packaging that typically does not accumulate as waste after use by private end users are not subject to system participation. Since 1 July 2022, however, you are still obliged to register with the Central Office.

Do I also have to participate in the Dual System if I am shipping to business customers?

Since 1 July 2022, transport and shipping packaging delivered to retailers or other business customers must also be registered but are not subject to system participation.

What obligations must be observed when exporting from Germany?

The Packaging Act does not apply when packaging is exported. Nevertheless, the packaging regulations of the destination country need to be complied with.

I have more packaging material and questions about it.

Search the Central Office’s catalogue for all packaging subject to system participation or contact: directly.

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