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Frozen shipping with
dry ice

Ecological insulating packaging made of straw and hemp for frozen shipping with dry ice. Moisture regulating and breathable.

Sending frozen goods in standard shipping at -30 °C? Our insulated packaging made of straw and hemp in combination with dry ice makes it possible. Our climate-friendly insulated packaging is characterised by its low thermal conductivity corresponding to that of Expanded Polystyrene.
Unlike polystyrene, our natural packaging is moisture-regulating, making it ideal for use with dry ice. In combination with our Dry Ice Boosters, you can reduce the amount of dry ice needed by up to 50 %.

Ice cream

Numerous customers send ice cream in combination with dry ice by mail in our insulated packaging, even in the height of summer.


Deep-frozen ready-made meals

The shipping of healthy, frozen ready meals is booming. Delivered in sustainable shipping packaging, it tastes even better.


Reagents, enzymes, test kit

Our insulated packaging is validated for the safe and GDP-compliant shipping of frozen life science products and is in daily use.

Patentierte Produktion
Comprehensively tested

Our insulating packaging has been tested in over 1,000 internal and external climate tests. Please ask for proofs and temperature curves.

Best insulation performance

Straw and hemp have an outstandingly low thermal conductivity value of 0.041 W/(mK), very similar to that of polystyrene. In addition, our packing method and material thickness prevent the formation of cold bridges.

Real sustainability

Landpack as a shining example of the bio-economy, holds 11 international patents on the technology for processing natural fibres. Founder Patricia Eschenlohr is also a member of the Bavarian Bio-Economy Expert Council.

Landbox Stroh
Landbox Straw

Our power cooler made of straw - for the highest demands on temperature and shock protection: up to 65 h below 4 °C even in summer. Climate-friendly and compostable.

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Landbox hanf mit druck web
Landbox Hemp

The space-saving and high-quality thermal packaging made of hemp for more flexibility and small volumes. 100 % natural product, great touch and individually printable.

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hanfvlies mit druck
Landpack Pouch

The best solution for mixed carts and small volumes. 100 % natural product, great touch and individually printable.

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Cool Pads

Environmentally friendly water cool pads without microplastics. Coolant calculator to optimise the required amount of cool pads.

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dry ice booster
Dry Ice Booster

DryIceBooster® for halving the dry ice requirement. Coolant calculator for optimising the required amount of dry ice.

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Cooling Elements-Calculator

Individually adapted to each package and each route. To optimise your required amount of ice packs and dry ice.

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Dry Ice Booster

50 % less dry ice - the Dry Ice Booster makes it possible

Dry ice is light, non-toxic, cools up to 80 °C and literally dissolves into air. Ideal for frozen food shipping. But it takes up a lot of space in the package and is expensive. Landpack has invented an effective solution: The Dry Ice Booster®.

The Landpack Dry Ice Booster helps you reduce your required amount of dry ice by up to 50 %.

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Dry ice shipping: What needs to be considered?

The e-food market is becoming more professional, but cold logistics still remains one of the biggest challenges. Finding the right insulated packaging is one thing – then packing a box properly another.

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