Landpack in the press

video Aug 12, 2023
Behind the scenes of international vaccine logistics

CNN visits our customer QIAGEN. Insights on the collaboration of UPS Healthcare and QIAGEN and on shipping in our Landbox Straw.

video Jul 26, 2022
A BR piece from the ‘Biofach’ on ‘how to prevent packaging in the organic industry‘.

The BR visited us on our exhibition stand at the Biofach 2022, to present our Landbox Straw as best practice example in the evening news.

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video Feb 13, 2018
MDR presents: ‘100% nature – the packaging made out of straw‘

Get a glimpse of Landpack in the show ‘EINFACH GENIAL‘ from 13.02.2018

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video Jun 02, 2017
n-tv presents: ‘How startups are fighting styrofoam‘

See how Landpack is acting behind the scenes and how our partner Feinkost Käfer feels about our packaging. Startup News from 02.06.2017, 03.06.2017 and 06.06.2017.

Bildschirmfoto 2022 07 17 um 13.57.45
video Mar 04, 2019
ZDF presents: ‘straw instead of styrofoam‘

Landpack is turning 5 – a good reason for the broadcaster ZDF to feature Landpack in the show WISO.

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video Jul 12, 2018
MDR presents a study about eco-friendly packaging

Our Landbox straw as a best-practice example for new packaging solutions.

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video Jun 05, 2017
The BR Rundschau Magazin presents: ‘Products made from grain stalk‘

On the occasion of World Environment Day on 05.06.2017, Landpack was among the eco-pioneers that have been visited by the Bavarian Broadcaster BR.

Bildschirmfoto 2022 07 17 um 13.57.55
video Jul 24, 2017
Galileo: ‘Straw: a new alternative to styrofoam‘

Our insulating boxes have undergone some stress tests in the show Galileo on 24.07.2017

Laborpraxis rgb
print Nov 20, 2023
Landpack in the Life Science trade journal LABORPRAXIS

The German trade journal for the life science industry presents the Landbox Straw as insulated packaging for laboratory products under cleanroom conditions.

Bildschirmfoto 2022 07 17 um 13.57.39
video Jul 24, 2022
TechnologyRegion Karlruhe presents: ‘Straw instead of styrofoam‘

Landpack at the TechnologyRegion Karlsruhe, 24.11.2020

ZDF 400x234 1
video Mar 09, 2019
Enough with plastics – rethinking packaging

The German broadcaster ZDF has visited us for 3 days to film a detailed reportage about Landpack for the show ‘Plan B‘.

2000px National Geographic Logo.svg 400x119 1
print Jan 25, 2015
As smart as straw: straw instead of styrofoam – how a jung company from Bavaria wants to transform the packaging industry.

The National Geographic writes about the two Landpack founders and it’s biodegradable insulating packaging made out of straw.

heutejournal 400x112 1
video Mar 11, 2019
A global fight against plastics

We made it into the daily German news show ‘heute journal‘ – and felt it’s impact in our inbox the next day!

audio Nov 05, 2019
Greentalk-Podcast: Why hemp is the better packaging solution

Today Patricia was invited to speak about the benefits of hemp as a packaging material at the radio channel 'Arabella'.

handelsblatt grey
print Jun 29, 2018
Smart Farming: When a robot replaces glyphosate

Landpack is presented as one of the leading startups that is gaining more and more attention in the agricultural sector .

print Sep 16, 2016
Natural product: an airy cushion

An article from one of Germany's biggest Newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung about the great insulation and shock dampening power of the raw material straw that is processed into packaging by Landpack.

verpackungs rundschau 1
print Jul 18, 2016
Box made from straw awarded

The 'Verpackungsrundschau' (Packaging Review) reports how Landpack was awarded the Renewable Raw Materials Promotion Prize by the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry.

print Dec 02, 2016
From straw to gold

Landpack won the founder award of the Wirtschaftswoche!

print Sep 28, 2015
Landpack: Packaging from the barley field

Wirtschaftswoche founder introduces Landpack exactly at the same time as we launch our Landbox Straw.

print Oct 31, 2016
On the search for the perfect pitch

Landpack is among the finalists for WirtschaftsWoche's highly desired Neumacher Award. What we didn't know at this time: We will win it.

print Feb 06, 2017
Neumacher award winner Landpack – a meeting with Metro boss Olaf Koch

We won the Neumacher Award from WirtschaftsWoche. So we met the chef of Metro, Olaf Koch.

print Dec 31, 2016
A lobby for taste

The firm ‘Genusshandwerker‘ is convinced of the Landbox Straw as packaging for their high-quality products.

die welt
print Nov 15, 2015
Bedded on straw

The first major article on the beginnings of Landpack.

print Apr 28, 2019
Straw instead of styrofoam – this packaging can be composted.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper reports about our bio-degradable packaging box.

privat wealth
print Jun 06, 2016
Straw into gold.

The first major reporting on Landpack.

audio May 25, 2022
Who wins the 100,000 € idea? – Radio Gong 96.3

Landpack in the competition for the €100,000 idea from Radio Gong.

Frankfurter Rundschau 400x266 1
print Mar 28, 2019
Away with disposables!

On the way to a plastic-free future, our Landbox serves as a best-practice example of an environmentally friendly replacement for Styrofoam boxes in the newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau

print Aug 26, 2016
This box grows in the field

The complete bio-based cycle of our Landbox straw is presented in the newspaper Münchner Merkur.

stuttgart zeitung
print Apr 28, 2021
This raw material from the field is to replace styrofoam

Various residual raw materials from the field, such as husks or straw, can be further processed and used as packaging material. The Stuttgarter Zeitung mentions Landpack in this context.

planet wissen logo rund
video Jun 14, 2021
Aluminum, paper, plastic – We need to get away from packaging waste

Planet Wissen presents solutions to our waste problem. Landpack is introduced to solve one.

utopia logo 1 1
print Jun 24, 2022
Turtlebox, RePack & Co.: 5 alternatives to classic moving and cardboard boxes

The online platform on sustainability "Utopia" reports on alternative packaging solutions, such as our Landbox.

audio Sep 04, 2019
Broadcast on Radio Gong 96.3

Radio Gong talks about hemp packaging. Patricia is a guest of the show and introduces our Landbox Hemp.

print Aug 30, 2016
A detox self -test with Kale&Me

Kale & Me is a fan and customer of Landbox from the very beginning. Thus, Kale & Me juices are delivered safely in our refrigerated and sustainable packaging.

topagrar grau
print Nov 25, 2020
How can farmers make targeted use of by-products?

Making use of by-products and residual raw materials serves often as a great starting point for the development of sustainable products. Top agrar uses our straw box as an example.

print Sep 26, 2016
Many ideas for innovative and environmentally friendly packaging

The German transport newspaper DVZ writes about our innovative company.

LOGO Startup Magazin
print Dec 13, 2016
Show courage, intensity and tenacity: Landpack‘s environmentally friendly insulating packaging based on straw or hemp.

In an interview, Patricia and Thomas talk about their founding story and give their best advices for aspiring founders.

Kurier 400x200 1
print Feb 18, 2019
This is how straw became innovation

The Kurier reports how Landpack has found an interesting alternative to Styrofoam and how Landpack helps farmers to enjoy an additional source of income.

starting up
Founder of the week: Landpack – Innovation made from straw

Thomas talks in an interview about the idea and implementation of Landpack's green innovation.

Munich startup
print Dec 08, 2016
Munich startup Landpack wins twice!

In 2016, Landpack is reported as a Munich-based start-up on the fast track.

print Nov 06, 2019
How to order eco-friendly fresh products: Thanks to hemp refrigerated products stay cool!

In the Swiss newspaper "Blick", an online meat retailer tells of his decision to use Landpack's hemp fleeces and cooling elements as the perfect sustainable packaging for his products.

logistik heute
print Oct 16, 2021
Straw into logistic gold

The start-up section of the trade magazine "Logistik heute" reports on Landpack and the development of our degradable insulating packaging.

afz grey
print Mar 04, 2021
Click and buy

Startups make online-shipping easier for butchers- our Landbox straw is a popular insulation packaging in this regard.