DLG eFood: Landpack spoke at the DLG Forum on logistics and packaging solutions in the eFood sector.

The boo­m­ing online food tra­de is faced with major chal­len­ges, espe­cial­ly in the field of logistics and pack­a­ging. The DLG eFood Forum has illu­mi­na­ted the topic from many per­spec­ti­ves. Legal spe­ci­fi­ci­ties, new mar­ke­ting con­cepts and food safe­ty were some of the topics dis­cus­sed by the speakers.

Land­pack was invi­ted as an expert to inform the par­ti­ci­pants about the spe­cial requi­re­ments and pos­si­bi­li­ties of pack­a­ging and logistics for eFood. Due to the gre­at respon­se of the event, fur­ther dates will be organized.

More infor­ma­ti­on here.