Our tra­de part­ners’ crop will soon be mel­low and threshed. 

The crop was, of cour­se, not cul­ti­va­ted espe­cial­ly for Land­pack. Ins­tead, we offer far­mers ano­t­her inco­me apart from sel­ling grains, by sel­ling their best straw to us.

During har­vest time as much straw as grain accru­es. In Ger­ma­ny, around 30 mil­li­on tons of crop straw occur every year. Bet­ween 8 to 13 mil­li­on tons of it can be remo­ved from agrari­an-are­as and used for other things, without har­ming the soil — that’s what recent envi­ron­men­tal stu­dies show.