18 small bot­t­les of juice for three days. This is how the juice clean­se from high-qua­li­ty ingre­dients of the Ham­burg com­pa­ny Kale&Me works. To ensu­re that the­se mira­cle wea­pons reach the cus­to­mer unhar­med, the Ham­bur­gers rely on our land box made of straw.

  • Do you have a cor­po­ra­te phi­lo­so­phy or a per­so­nal motto?
  • Yes, it can be descri­bed in a quo­ta­ti­on from Socra­tes: “The secret of hap­pi­ness, you see, is not found in see­king more, but in deve­lo­ping the capa­ci­ty to enjoy less”


  • In the begin­ning, you focu­sed only on the online busi­ness. Now you are incre­a­singly also repre­sen­ted in super­mar­kets. Whe­re do you see more poten­ti­al in the medi­um term? Which sales chan­nel is more inte­res­ting for you?
  • That’s qui­te true. Sin­ce last sum­mer, we have been pla­cing our juices more and more in super­mar­kets, but also in cafés and restau­rants. Food retail­ing is a very inte­res­ting mar­ket that has grown signi­fi­cant­ly in recent years, espe­cial­ly in the bever­a­ges sec­tor. Nevertheless, we con­ti­nue to see our poten­ti­al in the online mar­ket. While super­mar­ket cus­to­mers make their purcha­sing decisi­ons pri­ma­ri­ly on the basis of pri­ce, we can pro­vi­de far more back­ground infor­ma­ti­on on our juices in our online shop: We can exp­lain to them who is behind our pro­ducts, why our cold-pres­sed juices dif­fer from stan­dard smoot­hies and even whe­re our raw mate­ri­als come from. A fur­ther argu­ment in favour of the online mar­ket is inde­pen­dence. As soon as we have to sup­ply who­le­sa­lers nati­on­wi­de, we are depen­dent on the­se mar­kets. At a cer­tain point, the­se mar­kets would begin to squee­ze mar­gins, so that we would be for­ced to fore­go our cur­rent high qua­li­ty. But we don’t want to do that, becau­se Kale&Me stands out for its high qua­li­ty juices.


  • You deci­ded very ear­ly to use our sus­tainab­le and natu­ral straw pack­a­ging as insu­la­ti­on for your juices. Why? What do your cus­to­mers say about your juices that are packed in straw?
  • Our juices are very high qua­li­ty. They also have a high pri­ce due to the use of fresh, most­ly regio­nal ingre­dients as well as the ela­bo­ra­te pro­duc­tion and pre­ser­va­ti­on with the ultra-high pres­su­re pro­cess. The cus­to­mer also expects an unpacking expe­ri­ence with high qua­li­ty and expen­si­ve pro­ducts that is of the same qua­li­ty as the pro­ducts in the pack­a­ging. After all, he pays high ship­ping cos­ts for it. We spe­ci­fi­cal­ly cho­se straw insu­la­ti­on becau­se it offers the best insu­la­ti­on com­pa­red to other mate­ri­als. When ship­ping our sen­si­ti­ve pro­ducts, this is extre­me­ly important to ensu­re that the cus­to­mer recei­ves the qua­li­ty we descri­be. In addi­ti­on, your pack­a­ging smells so gre­at. The straw is met with a lot of enthu­si­asm from our cus­to­mers and we have alrea­dy recei­ved a lot of posi­ti­ve feed­back. We also recei­ve regu­lar e‑mails in which cus­to­mers send us pic­tures of home­ma­de things from your pack­a­ging or our bottles.


  • A lot has been repor­ted about you. How do you exp­lain your success?
  • Kale&Me stands for trans­pa­ren­cy: We always let our cus­to­mers and part­ners par­ti­ci­pa­te in all our acti­vi­ties. Right from the start, we com­mu­ni­ca­ted open­ly about our idea, our team, our pro­ducts, the cost struc­tu­re and pro­duc­tion. Each of our employees stands behind the qua­li­ty and histo­ry of our juices. This is an important aspect that hel­ps us to move for­ward, allows us to deve­lop fur­ther and thus con­tri­bu­tes to our over­all suc­cess. In order to be able to report on someo­ne, you need infor­ma­ti­on — both posi­ti­ve and some­ti­mes nega­ti­ve. As a young com­pa­ny, we learn new things again and again and try to con­stant­ly expand and impro­ve. I think that’s exact­ly why we find infor­ma­ti­on about Kale&Me that can be repor­ted on.


  • How does Kale&Me dif­fer from other juice cleanses?
  • During our juice cleans, you only con­su­me juices for three or five days. At inter­vals of about 2 hours, a total of six dif­fe­rent juices are drunk throughout the day. The spe­cial thing about our juice clean­ses are that we have deve­lo­ped the com­po­si­ti­on of all juices tog­e­ther with nut­ri­tio­nists. In this way, we ensu­re that the cus­to­mer con­su­mes the “right” vit­amins at the right time of day. The first juice of the day — our Pame­la Pine — pro­vi­des vit­amin C through the pineapp­le and lemon, for examp­le, to help start the day awa­ke and well. Al Avo­ca is drunk at luncht­i­me and is satu­ra­ted, for examp­le, by the healt­hy fats of the avo­ca­do. And in the evening, our almond milk Amy Almond dona­tes pro­te­ins that satu­ra­te and rep­le­nish the ener­gy stores.


  • Do you deve­lop new juices and their mix­tures and fla­vours yourself?
  • Exact­ly — we deve­lop all our juices our­sel­ves. The first seven varie­ties were deve­lo­ped by us in the kit­chen and in con­sul­ta­ti­on with our nut­ri­tio­nist. We have even just pro­du­ced the first juice, which is tes­ted accord­ing to the “rules of pro­duct deve­lo­p­ment” inclu­ding sen­so­ry tas­ting and ques­ti­onn­aires. The ide­as usual­ly come about becau­se we have just redis­co­ve­r­ed a regio­nal raw mate­ri­al. When we deve­lo­ped Bil­ly Basil, for examp­le, we thought, “Sea buckt­horn is such a gre­at pro­duct, it’s not yet avail­ab­le in such a form, but it’s typi­cal for the North. Then we plan around it until we have a har­mo­nious juice that we all appro­ve of.


  • How long will it take you to deve­lop a new juice?
  • The basic idea of the ingre­dients is in about half a day 😀 So far the­re is only one juice, which we have deve­lo­ped in addi­ti­on to the juice clean­se. Nevertheless, adjus­t­ments are occa­sio­nal­ly made after cus­to­mer feedback.


  • You attach gre­at impor­t­ance to social media cam­pai­gns. Face­book, Insta­gram and Snap­chat are among them. Which chan­nel is most effec­ti­ve for you? Whe­re do you best reach your or new customers?
  • This has actual­ly chan­ged over time. At the begin­ning we announ­ced the foun­da­ti­on and the com­pa­ny main­ly via Face­book. This was direct­ly con­nec­ted with a small awa­reness boost. Over time, howe­ver, blog­gers have hel­ped us by tes­ting our juices and repor­ting on them on their blogs and social media chan­nels. Now we can say that it is an inter­ac­tion of all chan­nels through which we reach our customers.


The Land­pack team says thank you very much for the interview!

Pic­tures pro­vi­ded with the kind sup­port of Tama­ra Wag­ner.