Munich, 09.10.2017 — As one of 15 lau­rea­tes of the com­pe­ti­ti­on “Excel­lent Land­marks in the Land of Ide­as” 2017 from Bava­ria, we were wel­co­med today in the Bava­ri­an Sta­te Chan­cel­le­ry by Dr. Mar­cel Huber, MdL, Head of the Bava­ri­an Sta­te Chan­cel­le­ry and Minis­ter of Sta­te for Federal Affairs and Spe­cial Tasks: “The spe­cial thing about the peop­le we honor today is that they not only had a bril­li­ant idea — they also had the cou­ra­ge to put it into prac­ti­ce. Tho­se who want to make our socie­ty and our coexis­tence bet­ter not only dream of it, they sim­ply do. The Bava­ri­an inven­tors of the selec­ted pro­jects stand for this ener­gy. They are role models and moti­va­tors for others and I am proud to express my appre­cia­ti­on on behalf of the Free Sta­te of Bava­ria today”.

Many thanks to Team Land­pack for their prai­se (James, Tho­mas, Moritz and Fran­ci with Dr. Mar­cel Huber in the middle).