The sub­ject of pack­a­ging is of cen­tral impor­t­ance for online tra­de. Under the the­me “What will the opti­mal mail order pack­a­ging of the future look like? BEVH (Bun­des­ver­band E‑Commerce und Ver­sand­han­del Deutsch­land e.V.) orga­nis­ed its first pack­a­ging day.

The main topic of the day was the online food tra­de. The opti­mal mail-order pack­a­ging has to meet three cen­tral cri­te­ria: Secu­ri­ty, mar­ke­ting and sustainability.

Land­pack was invi­ted to pre­sent its solu­ti­ons to a lar­ge spe­cia­list audi­ence. Land­pack pack­a­ging per­fect­ly meets the three cen­tral cri­te­ria and now inspi­res an ent­i­re industry.

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