What con­flicts does digi­ta­li­sa­ti­on ent­ail? How does school work without racism? What are the bene­fits of modern satel­li­te com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on? What approa­ches are the­re to get the plastic pro­blem under control?

The­se were just some of the ques­ti­ons that were artis­ti­cal­ly illus­tra­ted, exp­lai­ned and dis­cus­sed by experts, artists and stu­dents on the 2nd Future Day “Togett­he­re Expe­ri­ence” on 16.09.2018 in the Pina­ko­thek der Moder­ne. The aim of the event is to make the major cur­rent and social issu­es of our time such as cli­ma­te chan­ge, refu­gees, racism and world nut­ri­ti­on tan­gi­ble in an emo­tio­nal way.

Land­pack was also pre­sent as a spea­ker. On the lar­ge stair­ca­se, Land­pack foun­der Patri­cia Eschenlohr exp­lai­ned the neces­si­ty of explo­ring new ways to take the strain off of the envi­ron­ment and how Sty­ro­foam can be repla­ced with the abundant and anci­ent raw mate­ri­al straw.

It was a very infor­ma­ti­ve and exci­ting day. We at Land­pack are glad that this inte­res­ting pro­cess was found to make socie­ty awa­re of its responsibility!