dvp 2016 award-logoMün­chen, 18. August 2016 – The Munich-based pack­a­ging and engi­nee­ring com­pa­ny, Land­pack, has been awar­ded with the Ger­man Pack­a­ging Award in the Sus­taina­bi­li­ty cate­go­ry. The con­test is orga­ni­zed by the Ger­man Pack­a­ging Insti­tu­te (dvi) in Ber­lin and is one of the most renow­ned con­tests in this industry.

Under the patro­na­ge of the Federal Minis­try for Eco­no­mic Affairs and Ener­gy, awards are given to the best solu­ti­ons and inno­va­tions in the pack­a­ging indus­try. This hap­pens year­ly and in ten dif­fe­rent cate­go­ries — after an inten­si­ve exami­na­ti­on and many tests by an inde­pen­dent jury. This year, Land­pack won against more than 200 pro­du­cers and deve­lo­pers of pack­a­ging solu­ti­ons from nine countries.

“The Land­box has been deve­lo­ped for the online order of gro­ce­ries and impres­ses with its uni­que cushio­ned and insu­la­ting mate­ri­al made of straw. It meets con­su­mer needs regar­ding eco-friend­ly ship­ping pack­a­ging.”, says the jury. It deli­vers the same per­for­mance as insu­la­ted pack­a­ging made of Sty­ro­foam, but can be dis­po­sed of in your orga­nic was­te, or gar­den. Land­pack has deve­lo­ped a uni­que pro­ce­du­re and engi­nee­ring con­cept to pro­du­ce the pack­a­ging in a com­mer­cial way.

Landpack’s exe­cu­ti­ve direc­tor, Dr. Tho­mas Mai­er-Eschenlohr says, “This award honors us and under­li­nes the varie­ty of mate­ri­als that are pos­si­ble in the pack­a­ging indus­try. With our tech­ni­que, we have made raw straw usable for pack­a­ging. The Land­box is not only a radi­cal­ly eco-friend­ly pack­a­ging, but also brings the wee­kly mar­ket fee­ling into your own kit­chen. We want to bring hap­pi­ness to our cus­to­mers by making the ope­ning of the box turn into an experience.”

Press Con­ta­ct: Patricia.Eschenlohr[at]Landpack.de

About Land­pack GmbH

Land­pack® is loca­ted in Puch­heim, near Munich, and deve­lo­ps and ope­ra­tes manu­fac­tu­ring faci­li­ties to pro­du­ce inno­va­ti­ve insu­la­ted pack­a­ging on the basis of straw. The Land­box® is the first eco­lo­gi­cal insu­la­ted pack­a­ging that can be dis­po­sed of as bio­lo­gi­cal was­te. Its insu­la­ting per­for­mance is com­pa­ra­ble to Sty­ro­foam. Land­pack con­trols every step of the pro­cess, from plan­ting crops to the har­vest and up to their pro­ces­sing of straw and ensu­res con­stant quality.