From now on, our hemp packaging is also available in smaller quantities at our retailers- and this also in Switzerland!

Good news for all who are inte­res­ted in our hemp pro­ducts, but don’t have the capa­ci­ty for an ent­i­re pal­let. From now on, our pack­a­ging is also avail­ab­le in small orde­ring quan­ti­ties under the brand name MECATHERM® Ther­mo-Fold­box Hanf in the ent­i­re DACH coun­tries via Rausch Ver­pa­ckun­gen and Mede­wo.

At Rausch Ver­pa­ckun­gen, you will find ever­ything about food pack­a­ging. Click here for the web­site of Rausch Verpackungen.

At Mede­wo, you will find ever­ything you need to know about pack­a­ging in gene­ral, as well as ope­ra­ting equip­ment and hygie­ne pro­ducts. Click here for the web­site of Mede­wo.

Our hemp pro­ducts and many other pack­a­ging pro­ducts are also avail­ab­le at Trans­pak. Trans­pak also ful­fills cus­to­mi­zed wis­hes, for examp­le with spe­cial card­board boxes.

Click here for the web­site of Transpak.