Today we interviewed EinStückLand – Best Galloway meat from the north.

EinStückLand sells refrigerated Galloway beef over the Internet, but only if there is enough demand. That is because at EinStückLand the customers share a cow and it is only slaughtered when the whole animal has been sold (crowdbutchering). This focus on sustainability runs like a red thread through the business concept of EinStückLand – from rearing the animals, slaughtering, recycling and transporting the meat packages to the customer.

Questions to Hinrich Carstensen and Lina Kypke, founders of EinStückLand:

  • In the area of sustainable, direct agricultural marketing, you have set a best practice example. Do Galloway breeders now approach you to market their animals?
  • Galloway breeders come to us from time to time, which we of course very much welcome. We are already in contact with several associations and regularly visit various farmers. In any case, we notice that we are being talked about by some of them and that’s great.


  • A piece of land is more than “organic”. Is there a need for a seal that goes beyond the term “organic”?
  • We don’t want to put our trust in a seal. We want to create trust. At the end of the day, you can say that everything that comes from EinStückLand is good. Then ” EinStückLand” would be the seal of approval. That would be our humble goal. Our customers should trust us and we achieve this through transparency. We let our customers get as close as possible to our ideas, to their implementation and also to our day-to-day business and because of this we are thanked for that from all sides.


  • Can the sustainability you live by continue to be implemented with continuously increasing demand?
  • If demand rises, we will not rely on mass livestock farming. Instead, we will have to cooperate with more farmers who breed Galloway cows on a small scale. The increased demand is therefore no obstacle for us to remain sustainable in the best possible way.


  • Do you also plan to supply supermarkets in the medium term? Or do you still want to focus on the online channel?
  • We are already talking to some selected supermarkets at the moment, but there we would place our durable products such as beef stock and salami. The sale of fresh meat will always take place via the internet.


  • What do you want to improve in the future? Are you working on new products / offers?
  • Soon there will be a new package in the online shop. A meat package with 5kg minced meat. This is especially good for families. Or for a great celebration. In addition we plan with different sausages and other mad products. But we don’t want to betray too much yet! You will just have to be curious!


  • What would be your wish for from our new Minister of Agriculture?
  • That is a very good question. We are becoming increasingly aware of the extent to which subsidies are being cut. On the one hand the prices are falling and the farmer is getting less and less for the meat (you only have to look at the slaughter prices in the slaughterhouse), on the other hand the subsidies are being cut. Ultimately it is a huge issue and in many places something has to happen. Of course, we could say that we are against factory farming, but this is a lengthy process. First, people’s buying behaviour has to change. And as we can see, we are on the right track. In any case, we can say that our customers are already on the right track with us. And we are proud of that!


The Landpack team says thank you very much for the interview!