Adelphi: Landpack speaks at an International Environmental Conference

As an invited speaker, Landpack presented his environmental concept to a professional audience at the Planetary Boundaries Environmental Protection Conference.

The distinguished international conference was held by the Federal Ministry of the Environment (BMUB), the German Federal Foundation for the Environment (DBU) and the Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt).

Planetary Boundaries is a concept that defines the ecological limits for the planet. If these limits are exceeded, there is a risk that the system will suddenly change irreversibly. For instance, limitations include the use of land, climate change, water wastage or the loss of biodiversity. The advantage of the concept compared to others, such as the CO2 footprint, is the holistic approach, which takes into account all critical environmental effects.

With the use of locally available straw and minimal energy requirements, Landpack’s C02 footprint is very low in comparison to Styrofoam. Furthermore, straw is also an agricultural by-product for which there is no new consumption of land. Planetary Boundaries can therefore be a concept with which Landpack and other environmentally conscious companies can optimize their processes and products.


More information about the Planetary Bounderies here.