Designed for an easy transition away from Polystyrene.

Our pre-qualified Landbox Straw packagings make ecological cold chain easy. Here are a few of their best features.

Designed to fit precisely

Crisp edges and a semi-rigid structure give the Landbox Straw a superior fit.

Fully customizable sizes

We can easily adjust the sizes and thickness of the straw panels as well as density to meet your specific shipping profile.

Parity performance

The Landbox Straw performs on par with traditional EPS coolers in ISTA and Afnor thermal performance tests.


The Landbox has been prequalified using ISTA and Afnor protocols to ensure the efficacy of the shipment it’s protecting.

Fully compostable

The Landbox Straw can be disposed of as a whole with organic waste. The straw core contains no additives.

Almost zero CO2 emissions

Significantly reduce the CO2 footprint of your cold chain shippings and really make a difference for your sustainability report!

Our customers are companies like yours



In daily usage by leading biotech companies to protect their valuable test kits, reagents, enzymes, and other temperature sensitive products.



For the reliable and sustainable distribution of pharmaceuticals and therapeutics.


Pre-qualified solutions

We certify our shipping solutions in our in-house thermal transport lab. Below you will find a list of our current qualified solutions for pharma and life science.

We are constantly testing new packaging. If you need a specific solution that you cannot find here, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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Our customers from Life Science and Pharma ask for


Strict Temperature Control

Maintenance of a strict temperature zone during ambient, cool, or frozen shipping. Shock-absorption and humidity­ regulation are an advantage.


Safe Cold Chain

Guaranteed safe cold chain during shipments between 24 to 96 hours. Pre-qualified and GDP-­compliant packaging. Over 1,000 external and internal climate chamber testings.


A Trustworthy Cooperation

A reliable and experienced supplier to support them along the whole way in their worldwide shipping, helping with packaging qualifications, adjustments, and (seasonal) packing improvements.


Minimum Emissions Packaging

Truly sustainable insulation packaging with minimum CO2 emissions while performing as good as EPS. Packaging to use for marketing and sustainability reporting.

LandboxBox DimensionsMax. Payload DimensionMax Payload Volume (L)Insulation ThicknessTemp. RequirementTemp. ProfileDurationSeason
9335x265x265250x125x1153.60352 - 8 °CAfnor B41Summer
9335x265x265250x125x1153.60352 - 8 °CAfnor D102Winter
16405x335x265320x240x1058352 - 8 °CAfnor B55Summer
16405x335x265320x240x1058352 - 8 °CAfnor D102Winter
22400x335x335300x190x21012352 - 8 °CAfnor B48Summer
3265x200x195120x100x901351 - 25 °CAfnor A72Summer
3265x200x195120x100x901351 - 15 °CAfnor A42Summer
3265x200x195190x130x902351 - 15 °CAfnor D72Winter
6335x265x195210x140x752.2351 - 15 °CAfnor A48Summer
6335x265x195210x140x1203.5351 - 15 °CAfnor D72Winter
6335x265x195-1.235- 15°CISTA 7D48Summer
6335x265x195210x190x1004351 - 25 °CAfnor A72Summer
9335x265x265215x145x1655.2351 - 15 °CAfnor A48Summer
9335x265x265215x145x1906351 - 15 °CAfnor D72Winter
9335x265x265-4.535- 15°CISTA 7D48Summer
16405x335x265280x210x1509351 - 15 °CAfnor A48Summer
16405x335x265290x220x17011351 - 15 °CAfnor D48Winter
16405x335x265-7.735- 15°CISTA 7D48Summer
16405x335x265290x220x17011351 - 25 °CAfnor A72Summer
22400x335x335280x210x21012.5351 - 15 °CAfnor A48Summer
22400x335x335290x220x24015.5351 - 15 °CAfnor D120Winter
22400x335x335-10.535- 15°CISTA 7D57Summer
34475x400x335350x280x21020.5351 - 15 °CAfnor A72Summer
34475x400x335380x310x24028.5351 - 15 °CAfnor D72Winter
34475x400x335-1535- 15°CISTA 7D72Summer
34475x400x335400x280x20022.5351 - 25 °CAfnor A120Summer
51660x335x405540x210x26029.5351 - 15 °CAfnor A72Summer
51660x335x405570x240x31042351 - 15 °CAfnor D72Winter
51660x335x405590x220x28036351 - 25 °CAfnor A120Summer
16475x400x335-170- 15°CISTA 7D120Summer
660x335x405-470- 15°CISTA 7D120Summer

Need something different? Contact us!

We love a challenge! Tailor-made solutions are our daily business and we would enjoy nothing more than to help you get started in shipping sustainably. Let us hear your requirements and we will leave no stone unturned until we find the best way to get your goods from A to B in perfect condition!


Our manufacturing process allows us to develop customized solutions that meet your specific requirements. We can adjust the thickness, dimensions and density of the Landbox to increase or decrease the payload space, shipping duration and weight.


Why Straw?

The biomechanics of the straw stem is characterized by innumerable air-filled microcavities. These cavities measure 30 micrometers and are thus 10 times smaller than those of EPS. Landpack is the first company in the world able to free-form pure straw fibers without any additives to moulded parts for insulation and shock-absorption. Our patented technology includes a process-integrated cleaning and disinfecting of the straw fibers to prepare them for the most demanding applications.

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