The Munich-based packaging and engineering company Landpack has been awarded with this year’s Advancement Award for Regrowing Resources by the Bavarian Ministry for Nutrition, Agriculture and Forestry. The award for an “outstanding product based on regrowing resources” has been awarded annually since 1992 and comes with 10.000€.

Landpack’s insu­la­ted pack­a­ging Land­box® has been crea­ted with straw fibers and is the first eco­lo­gi­cal pack­a­ging with the same per­for­mance as Sty­ro­foam. The Land­box can also regu­la­te mois­tu­re and shock-absorbing.

While Sty­ro­foam is based on mine­ral oil, straw is an agri­cul­tu­ral bypro­duct that makes up half of the over­all mass of the grain har­vest and is the­re­fo­re avail­ab­le in abundance. Eight to twel­ve mil­li­on tons of about 30 mil­li­on tons of Ger­man crop straw can be used for other uses without any eco­lo­gi­cal dis­ad­van­ta­ges. Sin­ce it’s an agri­cul­tu­ral bypro­duct of the crop har­vest, straw is not an indi­rect rival­ry with other gro­ce­ries, for examp­le starch. The usa­ge of this bypro­duct is a sub­sti­tu­te for mine­ral oil amounts to the resour­ce effi­ci­en­cy. Straw is local­ly avail­ab­le and mini­mi­zes trans­port. Land­pack has also deve­lo­ped a uni­que pro­ce­du­re for the com­mer­cial pro­duc­tion of their packaging.

“The award reci­pi­ents imma­cul­ate­ly show how inno­va­ti­ve pro­ducts can be crea­ted from regro­wing resour­ces with pionee­ring spi­rit, crea­ti­vi­ty and per­so­nal com­mit­ment.”, says Hel­mut Brun­ner, Bava­ri­an Minis­ter of Sta­te for Nut­ri­ti­on, Agri­cul­tu­re and Forestry.

“The Land­box is an inno­va­ti­ve, eco-friend­ly pro­duct made of regro­wing, local resour­ces, which pos­sess eco­no­mi­c­al mea­ning for the indus­try and agri­cul­tu­re,” says Edmund Lan­ger, exe­cu­ti­ve direc­tor of C.A.R.M.E.N. e.V. and host of yesterday’s cere­mo­ny in Würzburg’s Resi­dence. “That’s why the Land­box is an exem­pla­ry examp­le for a sus­tainab­le use of resour­ces and a worthy award.”

“We are very hap­py with this award! It shows that we are hea­ding in the right way. Straw fibers are a per­fect resour­ce, crea­ted by natu­re. In a bio­lo­gi­cal­ly based eco­no­my, straw will con­ti­nue to play an important role,” com­men­ted by Landpack’s exe­cu­ti­ve direc­tor Dr. Tho­mas Mai­er-Eschenlohr. “We will expe­ri­ence straw’s renaissance.”

Press Con­ta­ct: Land­pack GmbH | Patri­cia Eschenlohr | Patricia.Eschenlohr


About Land­pack GmbH

Land­pack® is loca­ted in Puch­heim, near Munich, and deve­lo­ps and ope­ra­tes manu­fac­tu­ring faci­li­ties to pro­du­ce inno­va­ti­ve insu­la­ted pack­a­ging on the basis of straw. The Land­box® is the first eco­lo­gi­cal insu­la­ted pack­a­ging that can be dis­po­sed of as bio­lo­gi­cal was­te. Its insu­la­ting per­for­mance is com­pa­ra­ble to Sty­ro­foam. Land­pack con­trols every step of the pro­cess, from plan­ting crops to the har­vest and up to their pro­ces­sing of straw and ensu­res con­stant quality.

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