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Landpack Receives Award from the Bavarian Department of Agriculture

12.07.2016 | by Patricia Eschenlohr
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The Munich-based packaging and engineering company Landpack has been awarded with this year’s Advancement Award for Regrowing Resources by the Bavarian Ministry for Nutrition, Agriculture and Forestry. The award for an “outstanding product based on regrowing resources” has been awarded annually since 1992 and comes with 10.000€.

Landpack’s insulated packaging Landbox® has been created with straw fibers and is the first ecological packaging with the same performance as Styrofoam. The Landbox can also regulate moisture and shock-absorbing.

While Styrofoam is based on mineral oil, straw is an agricultural byproduct that makes up half of the overall mass of the grain harvest and is therefore available in abundance. Eight to twelve million tons of about 30 million tons of German crop straw can be used for other uses without any ecological disadvantages. Since it’s an agricultural byproduct of the crop harvest, straw is not an indirect rivalry with other groceries, for example starch. The usage of this byproduct is a substitute for mineral oil amounts to the resource efficiency. Straw is locally available and minimizes transport. Landpack has also developed a unique procedure for the commercial production of their packaging.

“The award recipients immaculately show how innovative products can be created from regrowing resources with pioneering spirit, creativity and personal commitment.”, says Helmut Brunner, Bavarian Minister of State for Nutrition, Agriculture and Forestry.

“The Landbox is an innovative, eco-friendly product made of regrowing, local resources, which possess economical meaning for the industry and agriculture,” says Edmund Langer, executive director of C.A.R.M.E.N. e.V. and host of yesterday’s ceremony in Würzburg’s Residence. “That’s why the Landbox is an exemplary example for a sustainable use of resources and a worthy award.”

“We are very happy with this award! It shows that we are heading in the right way. Straw fibers are a perfect resource, created by nature. In a biologically based economy, straw will continue to play an important role,” commented by Landpack’s executive director Dr. Thomas Maier-Eschenlohr. “We will experience straw’s renaissance.”

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About Landpack GmbH

Landpack® is located in Puchheim, near Munich, and develops and operates manufacturing facilities to produce innovative insulated packaging on the basis of straw. The Landbox® is the first ecological insulated packaging that can be disposed of as biological waste. Its insulating performance is comparable to Styrofoam. Landpack controls every step of the process, from planting crops to the harvest and up to their processing of straw and ensures constant quality.

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