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Our biotope: We create new habitat for rare plants and insects

10.08.2021 | by Patricia Eschenlohr
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This year, we set our sights on a very special team effort that was a refreshing contrast to the eternal home office grind.

Together, we got down to work, swinging shovels and spades to take the first step toward creating a valuable new habitat. From an unused compensation area of 2,000 m², we have created a species-rich biotope by hand.

Our self-made deadwood corner made of old tree trunks, branches and foliage, is developing into a habitat and providing shelter and living space for insects. We will continue to report how our heart project is developing.

Others talk about biodiversity – we just get on with it.




Author Patricia Eschenlohr

Patricia Eschenlohr

Co-Founder, CMO

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