Now that the most tran­quil time of the year is almost here, we also take time to pau­se for a moment and remem­ber things. Look at the next sen­ten­ces like an invi­ta­ti­on from us, with cand­le­light and fir need­le scent, and let us look back on the most ama­zing moments from last year.

The launch of our Land­box Hemp and our insu­la­ted pocket made of hemp cer­tain­ly make the top ten list. We deve­lo­ped them during mon­ths of hard work, with more ide­as than we can count and, of cour­se, a lot of love. This real­ly paid off and we can see that from the feed­back we have recei­ved from mar­kets, which reaches us every day — we want to say thank you!

We also don’t want to for­get our Award-Hat­trick +2, which shows us that many peop­le belie­ve in a future with eco­lo­gi­cal and plastic-free pack­a­ging. This con­ti­nues to moti­va­te us to work hard in 2017 and to car­ry on from whe­re we left off in 2016: being new, dif­fe­rent, bet­ter and greener.

Our team has chan­ged as well. We wel­co­med many new faces with even newer ide­as, visi­ons and dri­ve. We look for­ward to working with them.

Never stop — not­hing could descri­be our year 2016 better.

The most important thing is our fuel, espe­cial­ly when going fast and swift. Our fuel are our cus­to­mers and final users, which do call us from time to time, to hap­pi­ly talk about the first time they ope­ned our Landbox.

Our for­mu­la for our dri­ve is simp­le: free­dom of ide­as, a dash of world impro­ve­ment thin­king and hap­py faces.

Thank you so much for this ama­zing year!