Now that the most tranquil time of the year is almost here, we also take time to pause for a moment and remember things. Look at the next sentences like an invitation from us, with candlelight and fir needle scent, and let us look back on the most amazing moments from last year.

The launch of our Landbox Hemp and our insulated pocket made of hemp certainly make the top ten list. We developed them during months of hard work, with more ideas than we can count and, of course, a lot of love. This really paid off and we can see that from the feedback we have received from markets, which reaches us every day – we want to say thank you!

We also don’t want to forget our Award-Hattrick +2, which shows us that many people believe in a future with ecological and plastic-free packaging. This continues to motivate us to work hard in 2017 and to carry on from where we left off in 2016: being new, different, better and greener.

Our team has changed as well. We welcomed many new faces with even newer ideas, visions and drive. We look forward to working with them.

Never stop — nothing could describe our year 2016 better.

The most important thing is our fuel, especially when going fast and swift. Our fuel are our customers and final users, which do call us from time to time, to happily talk about the first time they opened our Landbox.

Our formula for our drive is simple: freedom of ideas, a dash of world improvement thinking and happy faces.

Thank you so much for this amazing year!