On 08.05.2019, a lec­tu­re event was held on the topic “Mul­ti­ta­lent Plastic? The Com­pe­ti­ti­on is Wai­t­ing in the Wings” by the Young DLG working group of the Tri­es­dorf Uni­ver­si­ty of App­lied Sci­en­ces. First, Mr. Arbeck from the Central Agri­cul­tu­ral Raw Mate­ri­als Marke­ting and Ener­gy Network (CARMEN) e.V. spo­ke about bioplastics.

As an alter­na­ti­ve to plastic, Thea Hin­ter­mei­er pre­sen­ted our pro­ducts on behalf of Land­pack. Her pre­sen­ta­ti­on “When Straw Beco­mes a Plastic Sub­sti­tu­te: Repla­cing Sty­ro­foam with Pack­a­ging from the Grain Field” was also pri­ma­ri­ly about the eco-balan­ce. At Land­pack, this is exem­pla­ry com­pa­red to Sty­ro­foam pro­duc­tion, becau­se we only need about 1/50th (15–20 kWh/m) of the ener­gy in pro­duc­tion. Ms. Hin­ter­mei­er works for us in sales and is also invol­ved in the deve­lo­p­ment of insu­la­ting pack­a­ging for the pharmaceutical/biotech sector

The third spea­ker, an expert from the Strau­bing Tech­no­lo­gy and Pro­mo­ti­on Cent­re, pre­sen­ted a new type of silo cover for agri­cul­tu­re. After the pre­sen­ta­ti­ons, the audi­ence also had its say during a very lively panel dis­cus­sion. Ms. Hin­ter­mei­er found the event very inno­va­ti­ve and was par­ti­cu­lar­ly enthu­si­astic about the inte­rest shown by the stu­dents. Loo­king to the future, such events are very important to rai­se awa­reness of the plastic pro­blem and dri­ve solu­ti­on development.

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