On 08.05.2019, a lecture event was held on the topic “Multitalent Plastic? The Competition is Waiting in the Wings” by the Young DLG working group of the Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences. First, Mr. Arbeck from the Central Agricultural Raw Materials Marketing and Energy Network (CARMEN) e.V. spoke about bioplastics.

As an alternative to plastic, Thea Hintermeier presented our products on behalf of Landpack. Her presentation “When Straw Becomes a Plastic Substitute: Replacing Styrofoam with Packaging from the Grain Field” was also primarily about the eco-balance. At Landpack, this is exemplary compared to Styrofoam production, because we only need about 1/50th (15–20 kWh/m) of the energy in production. Ms. Hintermeier works for us in sales and is also involved in the development of insulating packaging for the pharmaceutical/biotech sector

The third speaker, an expert from the Straubing Technology and Promotion Centre, presented a new type of silo cover for agriculture. After the presentations, the audience also had its say during a very lively panel discussion. Ms. Hintermeier found the event very innovative and was particularly enthusiastic about the interest shown by the students. Looking to the future, such events are very important to raise awareness of the plastic problem and drive solution development.

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