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Interview with Thea Hintermeier – Head of Operations & Senior Sales Manager

18.02.2022 | by Matti Höhing
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Interview with Thea Hintermeier – Head of Operations & Senior Sales Manager

Thea Hintermeier has made a rapid career move at Landpack in just 3 years. In this Q&A we briefly introduce her to you. Have fun!

  • Thea, why did you apply to Landpack in 2019?
  • After graduating, it was important for me to find a job with meaning, where I am not just a “number,” a replaceable person. Sustainability also plays a big role for me in my private life, so it was inconceivable for me to work for a company that did not represent my values. I found out about Landpack through an Instagram story and was immediately drawn to it.
  • What do you like most about your work?
  • At Landpack, we work according to our strengths. The weaknesses of one are the strengths of others, so we complement each other perfectly and are a great team with a lot of energy and implementation power. I look forward to meeting my colleagues and working on projects together every day. Everyone here is behind the idea and is eager to go the extra mile together.
  • You made a very fast career at Landpack. How did it come about?
  • I had a bachelor’s degree in molecular biotechnology and a master’s degree in management when I started at Landpack in 2019. I started as a sales trainee and then relatively quickly became a junior sales manager. In 2020, I also increasingly took on operational tasks. Since 2022, I have been Head of Operations & Senior Sales Manager and can contribute to strategic decisions through my experience and assessments on the Management Board.
  • Do you have any tips for others looking to apply to Landpack?
  • We at Landpack are an international team of movers and shakers with many power women. We are people who want to show the world that a company can also function if the business model is sustainable and the decision-makers are female, perhaps with children. Landpack is the right place for you if you’re dreading a standard job, but instead want to fulfill yourself professionally and believe in yourself and our technology.
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