Today we were at MyCow - Biomeat with a biography.

With sus­taina­bi­li­ty a prime focus of MyCow, we approa­ched the orga­nic meat ship­per with our land boxes in the pro­to­ty­pe sta­ge. Be it beef, pork or lamb, at ever­ything comes from orga­nic far­mers in nort­hern Ger­ma­ny. Susan­ne Marx has been run­ning the online shop with a lot of heart and soul for 9 years now.

Questions to Susanne Marx, founder and business guide of MyCow.

  • How did you get the idea to send meat? Even more so in 2008, when eFood was not yet a house­hold name.
  • In my home town of Meck­len­burg the­re are com­mit­ted orga­nic far­mers, but not as many con­su­mers. That gave me the idea. I wan­ted to con­vey whe­re the meat comes from and that behind every pie­ce of meat the­re is an ani­mal and of cour­se, many peop­le who tre­at the pro­duct with respect. If the con­su­mers can­not come to the far­mers, then we can turn the “ske­wer” around, that was the idea. With the con­cept of we won then 2008 the Busi­ness plan com­pe­ti­ti­on Meck­len­burg-Wes­tern Pome­ra­nia as well as a pri­ze in the federal com­pe­ti­ti­on Mul­ti­me­dia — the foun­da­ti­on-stone was set. In the “age befo­re eFood” many prac­ti­cal topics had to be sol­ved until the first packa­ge went on its journey…


  • What are the bene­fits of using the Inter­net as a sales chan­nel? Are new cus­to­mers still scep­ti­cal about this way of buy­ing meat?
  • We reach cus­to­mers via the Inter­net who would other­wi­se not be able to buy the meat from our part­ner far­mers or the orga­nic butcher’s shop. In the begin­ning, fresh pro­ducts were very unusu­al in the mail order busi­ness and it was important to build trust. In the mean­ti­me, this area has deve­lo­ped con­si­der­ab­ly, so that more and more peop­le are dis­co­vering this offer for them­sel­ves and are con­cer­ned with issu­es such as: whe­re does the food come from? That’s great.


  • The cus­to­mer feed­back on your “Trus­ted Shops” page is over­whel­ming (4.94/5). What do you think makes your com­pa­ny par­ti­cu­lar­ly customer-friendly?
  • Of cour­se, we are hap­py about so much posi­ti­ve feed­back! That is very moti­vat­ing. Of cour­se ever­ything can never work 100%, but my approach is to always fin­ding a good solu­ti­on for the cus­to­mer. We also chal­len­ge our cus­to­mers by only offe­ring pack­a­ging with meat com­bi­na­ti­ons and fixed (often due to many pre-orders also long-term) deli­very dates. The phi­lo­so­phy is to pro­cess the who­le ani­mal if pos­si­ble and to know the farm of ori­gin at the time of orde­ring. That is why we offer reci­pes and coo­king vide­os so that our cus­to­mers get trans­pa­ren­cy of the who­le pro­cess and appre­cia­te what they get.


  • Sin­ce this year you have been working with the Land­box. What do your cus­to­mers say?
  • Yes, after a long pre­pa­ra­ti­on we were able to switch to the Land­box. Per­so­nal­ly, that made me real­ly satis­fied, becau­se now we can send a sus­tainab­le mes­sa­ge to the con­su­mer with every packa­ge that we send out. The feed­back of the cus­to­mers was con­sist­ent­ly posi­ti­ve. From time to time in our news­let­ter we give tips on what to do with straw, e.g. as a tar­get for arche­ry for your son, seat cushions or in the garden…


The Land­pack team says thank you very much for your time, Susanne!