Today we were at MyCow – Biomeat with a biography.

With sustainability a prime focus of MyCow, we approached the organic meat shipper with our land boxes in the prototype stage. Be it beef, pork or lamb, at everything comes from organic farmers in northern Germany. Susanne Marx has been running the online shop with a lot of heart and soul for 9 years now.

Questions to Susanne Marx, founder and business guide of MyCow.

  • How did you get the idea to send meat? Even more so in 2008, when eFood was not yet a household name.
  • In my home town of Mecklenburg there are committed organic farmers, but not as many consumers. That gave me the idea. I wanted to convey where the meat comes from and that behind every piece of meat there is an animal and of course, many people who treat the product with respect. If the consumers cannot come to the farmers, then we can turn the “skewer” around, that was the idea. With the concept of we won then 2008 the Business plan competition Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania as well as a prize in the federal competition Multimedia – the foundation-stone was set. In the “age before eFood” many practical topics had to be solved until the first package went on its journey…


  • What are the benefits of using the Internet as a sales channel? Are new customers still sceptical about this way of buying meat?
  • We reach customers via the Internet who would otherwise not be able to buy the meat from our partner farmers or the organic butcher’s shop. In the beginning, fresh products were very unusual in the mail order business and it was important to build trust. In the meantime, this area has developed considerably, so that more and more people are discovering this offer for themselves and are concerned with issues such as: where does the food come from? That’s great.


  • The customer feedback on your “Trusted Shops” page is overwhelming (4.94/5). What do you think makes your company particularly customer-friendly?
  • Of course, we are happy about so much positive feedback! That is very motivating. Of course everything can never work 100%, but my approach is to always finding a good solution for the customer. We also challenge our customers by only offering packaging with meat combinations and fixed (often due to many pre-orders also long-term) delivery dates. The philosophy is to process the whole animal if possible and to know the farm of origin at the time of ordering. That is why we offer recipes and cooking videos so that our customers get transparency of the whole process and appreciate what they get.


  • Since this year you have been working with the Landbox. What do your customers say?
  • Yes, after a long preparation we were able to switch to the Landbox. Personally, that made me really satisfied, because now we can send a sustainable message to the consumer with every package that we send out. The feedback of the customers was consistently positive. From time to time in our newsletter we give tips on what to do with straw, e.g. as a target for archery for your son, seat cushions or in the garden…


The Landpack team says thank you very much for your time, Susanne!