We would like to present our next packaging alternative: the Landbox Jute.

With our Landbox Jute we are upcycling natural fibres for the first time. Our jute fibres come from cocoa bean sacks. By further processing the jute fibres, we extend the service life and thus provide another attractive option for sustainable shipping.

Jute is one of the world’s most widely used natural fibres, removes CO2 from the environment during its growth phase and is characterised by a particularly low thermal conductivity value.

Our Landbox Jute is available in various versions, including fully compostable as a whole for disposal in organic waste. Like all Landpack shipping packaging, the Landbox Jute combines a high insulating performance with shock absorption and moisture control at the same time. This makes our packaging best practice solutions when it comes to shipping temperature-sensitive and / or shock-sensitive goods.

Which natural fibre is best suited for shipping your products?

We look forward to advising you! Please fill in our form “Request sample” on the homepage. You will receive our product data and individual advice within the shortest possible time.