Last Tues­day Land­pack was at the Clus­ter­tag Ver­pa­ckungs­re­cy­cling of the Umwelt­clus­ters Bay­ern in Nur­em­berg. Under the the­me: “The Future of Plastics — From the Point of View of Manu­fac­tu­rers, Dis­po­sal Com­pa­nies, and Sci­ence”, plastics were cri­ti­cal­ly scru­ti­ni­s­ed by com­pa­nies, poli­ti­ci­ans, rese­ar­chers and scientists.

The fact that the indus­try will face major chan­ges, abo­ve all due to the incre­a­sed envi­ron­men­tal deman­ds of con­su­mers and poli­ti­ci­ans, was the domi­nant topic in all the spe­cia­list lec­tures. Sur­pri­sing for the opi­ni­on lea­ders of the recy­cling indus­try, howe­ver, is the rapid pace of legal chan­ges, from the new pack­a­ging law to the recent­ly adop­ted EU plastics stra­te­gy. The plastics mar­ket is under­go­ing rapid chan­ge. Howe­ver, the indus­try is open to new solu­ti­ons bey­ond the fami­li­ar plastics. “Land­pack is a good examp­le of how plastics such as poly­sty­re­ne can alrea­dy be very suc­cess­ful­ly repla­ced by sus­tainab­le solu­ti­ons, and how this is mee­ting with gre­at appro­val from con­su­mers,” says Dr. Tho­mas Mai­er Eschenlohr, Mana­ging Direc­tor of Land­pack GmbH and spo­kes­man at the Clus­ter­tag Verpackungsrecycling.

More infor­ma­ti­on about the Clus­ter­tag can be found here.