Last Tuesday Landpack was at the Clustertag Verpackungsrecycling of the Umweltclusters Bayern in Nuremberg. Under the theme: “The Future of Plastics – From the Point of View of Manufacturers, Disposal Companies, and Science”, plastics were critically scrutinised by companies, politicians, researchers and scientists.

The fact that the industry will face major changes, above all due to the increased environmental demands of consumers and politicians, was the dominant topic in all the specialist lectures. Surprising for the opinion leaders of the recycling industry, however, is the rapid pace of legal changes, from the new packaging law to the recently adopted EU plastics strategy. The plastics market is undergoing rapid change. However, the industry is open to new solutions beyond the familiar plastics. “Landpack is a good example of how plastics such as polystyrene can already be very successfully replaced by sustainable solutions, and how this is meeting with great approval from consumers,” says Dr. Thomas Maier Eschenlohr, Managing Director of Landpack GmbH and spokesman at the Clustertag Verpackungsrecycling.

More information about the Clustertag can be found here.