Landpack is growing — beautiful new area rented

For the second con­se­cu­ti­ve Janu­a­ry, we will enlar­ge! In addi­ti­on to our cur­rent loca­ti­on, in which we moved last Janu­a­ry, we are set­ting up a uni­que pro­per­ty with 1,550 m² of addi­tio­nal pro­duc­tion space. It has spa­cious out­door are­as, many beau­ti­ful offices and a cafe­te­ria. Not to men­ti­on the 250 squa­re meters of flats avail­ab­le for the staff. Final­ly, we have two sepa­ra­te sites: one for tech­ni­cal deve­lo­p­ment and the other for pro­duc­tion. It’s now loo­king nice here at Landpack!

It is also stay­ing very com­for­ta­ble sin­ce we have a new con­fe­rence room. It’s a con­ver­ted Kia from 1992 that is alarm-con­trol­led and hea­ted. It will remain as it is and con­ti­nue to be actively used. Now only the boo­king sys­tem for it is missing.