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Landpack is growing – beautiful new area rented

05.01.2017 | by Christoph Humpert
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Landpack is growing – beautiful new area rented

For the second consecutive January, we will enlarge! In addition to our current location, in which we moved last January, we are setting up a unique property with 1,550 m² of additional production space. It has spacious outdoor areas, many beautiful offices and a cafeteria. Not to mention the 250 square meters of flats available for the staff. Finally, we have two separate sites: one for technical development and the other for production. It’s now looking nice here at Landpack!

It is also staying very comfortable since we have a new conference room. It’s a converted Kia from 1992 that is alarm-controlled and heated. It will remain as it is and continue to be actively used. Now only the booking system for it is missing.




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Christoph Humpert

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