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Member of Parliament Michael Schrodi visits Landpack

19.12.2018 | by Patricia Eschenlohr
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On 05 December Michael Schrodi, member of the Bundestag for the districts Dachau and Fürstenfeldbruck visited us.

Mr Schrodi, member of the Committee for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, informed himself at Landpack about alternatives to polystyrene. In line with the focus on “Making packaging more environmentally friendly” from the Federal Environment Ministry’s 5-point plan for less plastic and more recycling, Dr. Thomas Maier-Eschenlohr presented our sustainable insulating packaging.

The Landbox is packaging of the future. “Landpack GmbH’s products are fully in line with the Federal Environment Ministry’s current 5-point plan for less plastic and more recycling,” said Michael Schrodi. Landpack is a pioneer in the field of sustainable insulated packaging as an alternative to polystyrene.

You can find out more about the visit here.

The entire 5-point plan can be viewed here.




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