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Millions in subsidies for intelligent packaging project

09.11.2018 | by Patricia Eschenlohr
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In addition to the University of Bayreuth, Germany is home to various technical colleges and companies such as Genusshandwerker GmbH & Co. KG which are involved in a project for the development of intelligent packaging systems. On October 24, 2018, the Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, Julia Klöckner, personally handed over the grant notices totalling more than 1.8 million euros to the company in Bonn.

The aim of the project is to adapt the minimum shelf life of food individually to the cold chain. Although the best-before date on food packaging provides consumers with good orientation, there is often uncertainty as to whether products can still be consumed after the best before date has expired.

Together with partners from science and industry, the University of Bonn, which is leading the project, has set itself the goal of developing intelligent packaging systems for refrigerated products that individually indicate the shelf life of foodstuffs on the packaging. If, for example, the cold chain is interrupted or the storage temperature is not properly maintained, the actual shelf life should always be displayed. Conversely, this can also prevent food that is still edible from being thrown away.

Landpack’s task is to develop an insulated packaging in which the sensor data can be read from the outside by smartphone without opening the package. A great project, with great impact – Landpack is pleased about the research grant and the good cooperation!




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