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Landpack is Nominated for the Next Economy Award

17.10.2016 | by Patricia Eschenlohr
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Landpack is one of 12 companies that have been nominated for this year’s Next Economy Award (NEA) by the German Sustainability Award, in collaboration with the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the Council for Sustainable Development and the DIHK.

This year, 150 Start-Ups have applied.

The NEA is a national award for Start-Ups that base their work on social and ecological sustainability. The award will be assigned at the end of November in different categories of sustainability. The NEA wants to support “green founders”, social enterprises and Start-Ups that want to take part in creating a sustainable economy.

“The NEA adds an exciting topic to the German Sustainability Award. It wants to give a fresh impulse to ecologically orientated foundations and shape role models.”, says initiator Stefan Schulze-Hausmann.

Further information regarding the NEA and Nominees can be found on

or on Für-Grü – also, thank you for the kind words!

Press Release NEA

The jury’s reasoning can be found here.




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