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Landpack featured in podcast Zukunft Bio E

17.08.2022 | by Patricia Eschenlohr
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Today our founder Patricia Eschenlohr was invited to the podcast Zukunft Bio E to talk about insulating packaging made from straw and hemp and the situation of Bioeconomy Start-ups as a whole. In the podcast Zukunft Bio E, everything is focused on the economic system of the future: the Bioeconomy. How can we support Bioeconomy in the best way, which chances and challenges arise, what role does Bioeconomy play in the solving of our climate crisis? How can we enable fair competition for biobased products and how can politics help to boost investment and present financially advantageous circumstances to ecological alternatives? Patricia also works on these questions as speaker and member for the Sachverständigenrat Bioökonomie Bayern (expert council of Bioeconomy in Bavaria).

Whilst many Bioeconomy innovations are never competitive on the market, Landpack has been successfully reshaping the market for insulating packaging over the  last five years. A cooled shipment with Styrofoam is not accepted anymore thanks to Landpack. How we made that possible and what more challenges we must manage you can hear here.




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Patricia Eschenlohr

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