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Private: Development of a DIN standard for the shipping of foodstuffs

04.09.2017 | by Patricia Eschenlohr
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At the beginning of September 2017, the kick-off event for DIN SPEC 91360 – “Temperature concept for the shipment of refrigerated and non-refrigerated goods in the food online trade” – took place in Berlin.

The members of the consortium include food retailers, cooling system developers, logistics specialists, packaging technicians as well as testing institutes, research institutes, associations and consumer representatives. By spring 2018, a new standard will be developed for the shipping of refrigerated foodstuffs.

DIN SPEC 91360 is aimed primarily at online food retailers who ship fresh and chilled food to end consumers. The main focus of the standard will be on temperature control mechanisms to ensure and map an uninterrupted cold chain. The goal is to increase consumer confidence in online food ordering.

Landpack brings to the consortium its years of experience in the development of suitable and sustainable insulated packaging as well as, in the field of shipping refrigerated foodstuffs and temperature monitoring.




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