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Unique insulated
packaging for shipping

Passive insulated packaging for shipping temperature-sensitive goods. Food and GDP-compliant. Compostable. Climate-friendly.

We are experts in high-performance insulated packaging made from renewable raw materials. Our insulated packaging is not only ecological, compostable and food compliant, but also presents your products in a very unique way.
With a thermal conductivity value of 0.041 W/(mK), our insulated packaging made of straw and hemp achieves an insulating performance that would otherwise only be attainable with Styrofoam, thus enabling safe and sustainable standard shipping.
Landbox Stroh
Landbox Straw

Our power cooler made of straw - for the highest demands on temperature and shock protection: up to 65 h below 4 °C even in summer. Climate-friendly and compostable.

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Landbox hanf mit druck web
Landbox Hemp

The space-saving and high-quality thermal packaging made of hemp for more flexibility and small volumes. 100 % natural product, great touch and individually printable.

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hanfvlies mit druck
Landpack Pouch

The best solution for mixed carts and small volumes. 100 % natural product, great touch and individually printable.

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ice pack
Cool Pads

Environmentally friendly water cool pads without microplastics. Coolant calculator to optimise the required amount of cool pads.

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dry ice booster
Dry Ice Booster

DryIceBooster® for halving the dry ice requirement. Coolant calculator for optimising the required amount of dry ice.

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ipad kühelementerechner ohne hintergrund
Cooling Elements-Calculator

Individually adapted to each package and each route. To optimise your required amount of ice packs and dry ice.

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Patentierte Produktion
Extensively tested

Our insulated packaging has been tested in over 1,000 internal and external climate tests. Please ask for proofs and temperature curves.

Maximum insulation

Straw and hemp have an outstandingly low thermal conductivity value of 0.041 W/(mK), very similar to that of Styrofoam. In addition, our packing method and material thickness prevent the formation of cold bridges.

True sustainability

Landpack as a shining example of the bioeconomy, holds 11 international patents on the technology for processing natural fibres. Founder Patricia Eschenlohr is also a member of the Bavarian Bioeconomy Expert Council.

Our customers’ need:

icons gelber kreis temperature

Maintenance of a strict temperature zone during ambient, cool, frozen shipping. Shock-absorption and humidity-regulation are an asset.

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A safe cold chain during a 24 - 96 hours shipment. A pre-qualified and GDP-compliant packaging.

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A reliable and experienced supplier to support them along the whole way in their worldwide shipping such as packaging qualification, adjustments, (seasonal) packaging improvements.

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A truly sustainable insulation packaging with minimum CO₂ emissions while performing as good as EPS. A packaging to use for marketing and sustainable reporting.

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The perfect insulated packaging

E-food is booming – more and more customers are ordering food online and having it delivered to their door. Of course, the food must arrive at the consumer well cooled and safely packaged. Plastic packaging has been annoying consumers for a long time.

Our Landboxes clearly stand out among insulated packaging: ecological, shock-absorbing, moisture-regulating, volume-reducing and visually eye-catching – with outstanding performance.

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of online shoppers only regularly buy food online if it comes in environmentally friendly packaging and with little packaging waste.
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of your customers will accept a 5-10% increase in the price of goods if the packaging is environmentally friendly.
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prefer the retailer with sustainable transport packaging, even if prices and shipping are more expensive than at the competitor.
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prefer the retailer with sustainable transport packaging with the same conditions.