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VentureCon Bioeconomy: Patricia Eschenlohr speaks at the first conference exclusively for bioeconomy start-ups

22.06.2022 | by Miriam Graf
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On 21 June 2022, the first investor conference for bioeconomy start-ups took place in the beautiful Botanikum in Munich. Bioeconomy innovations are urgently needed for a sustainable, post-fossil future. To bring like-minded founders and investors together, the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy, in cooperation with BayStartUP, created the VentureCon Bioeconomy.

Together with other bioeconomy and start-up funding experts, Landpack founder Patricia Eschenlohr discussed the challenges and opportunities of financing bioeconomy ventures.

The discussion included the extent to which classic venture capital funds are suitable for bioeconomy start-ups at all, and what the biggest challenges are that these start-ups face. Patricia advocated for fairer competition and a greater focus on the scaling needs of bioeconomy start-ups.

In current times of crisis, the strength of the bioeconomy is evident: local residual feedstocks are barely or unaffected by the current turmoil in international supply chains and the impact of the war in Ukraine. Participating investors agreed that now more than ever would be a good time to invest in bioeconomy innovations.




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