More and more inqui­ries reach us dai­ly from com­pa­nies as to how the new pack­a­ging law 2019 is to be imple­men­ted. We at Land­pack the­re­fo­re want to sup­port our cus­to­mers as much as pos­si­ble in this respect! We will pro­vi­de you with the fol­lowing infor­ma­ti­on in the com­ing weeks:

  • Gene­ral infor­ma­ti­on on the law and the regis­tra­ti­on pro­cess with the Cen­tral Office & the Dual System
  • Who is the che­a­pest dis­po­sal com­pa­ny for your envi­ron­ment­al­ly friend­ly pack­a­ging from Land­pack, and what cos­ts you will have to bear. As a Land­pack cus­to­mer you bene­fit from spe­cial con­di­ti­ons with a dual system.
  • How to get the data of the mate­ri­al frac­tions you need for data repor­ting. We will pro­vi­de you with an online cal­cu­la­tor for this purpose.

In addi­ti­on to the infor­ma­ti­on on the web­site, the­re will also be a webi­nar. The­re, you can ask any ques­ti­ons you may have and you will be infor­med in detail about the pro­cess and our services.

All cus­to­mers will recei­ve an invi­ta­ti­on to the webi­nar by e‑mail. We will also noti­fy you by e‑mail as soon as the abo­ve infor­ma­ti­on is avail­ab­le online on our website.

One thing we can assu­re you of now: By con­ti­nuing to sue our pack­a­ging, the­re is a clear advan­ta­ge in regards to the new pack­a­ging law! The cos­ts for you will amount to only 1/10 of the cos­ts com­pa­red to a poly­sty­re­ne box of the same size.