Land­pack is a proud part­ner of Polar­stern. In addi­ti­on to regio­nal green electri­ci­ty, we now also rely on 100% green gas in pro­duc­tion and admi­nis­tra­ti­on. Our pro­duc­tion pro­cess has been high­ly effi­ci­ent from the begin­ning, as the pri­ma­ry ener­gy demand of a Land­box is only 2% com­pa­red to Sty­ro­foam. The pro­duc­tion of a Land­box con­su­mes about the same amount of CO2 as a 7.5 second car journey.

We have inten­si­ve­ly dealt with the selec­tion of the right eco-gas sup­plier for us. Often the terms “bio­gas”, “eco­gas” or even “cli­ma­te gas” con­ce­al con­ven­tio­nal natu­ral gas. In this case, the sup­pliers com­pen­sa­te for the CO2 emis­si­ons that occur at the customer’s site as a result of the com­bus­ti­on of the gas else­whe­re, whe­re it is as simp­le and cheap as pos­si­ble. This sys­tem is not in line with our envi­ron­men­tal awareness.

Polar­stern means Tru­ly Green Gas from 100% orga­nic resi­du­es from sugar pro­duc­tion. The sugar beet pulp used is not sui­ta­ble for con­sump­ti­on, nor do they have to be spe­cial­ly grown. This makes bio­gas pro­duc­tion with plants such as corn from mono­cul­tures or with manu­re from fac­to­ry far­ming unnecessary.

We par­ti­cu­lar­ly appre­cia­te that Polarstern’s Tru­ly Öko­gas is not a mixed pro­duct of fos­sil natu­ral gas and only a small por­ti­on of bio­gas, but a genui­ne con­tri­bu­ti­on to the ener­gy tran­si­ti­on. The ent­i­re lifecy­cle assess­ment – from cul­ti­va­ti­on to pro­duc­tion – along with its impact on the envi­ron­ment is considered.

We also pay atten­ti­on to the ent­i­re manu­fac­tu­ring pro­cess of our pro­ducts – from cul­ti­va­ti­on to har­ve­s­ting the raw mate­ri­als to the manu­fac­tu­ring of the pro­ducts – and con­stant­ly try to impro­ve our pro­ces­ses. We also use agri­cul­tu­ral resi­du­es to pro­du­ce a 100% eco­lo­gi­cal pro­duct. That is why Land­pack and Polar­stern fit so well together.

More infor­ma­ti­on, as well as an explana­to­ry video on gas extrac­tion is avail­ab­le here.